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3 Tips for Purchasing Commercial Insurance in Sutton’s Bay, MI

Running a business is a rewarding experience in Suttons Bay, MI. As an entrepreneur, you have the creative and business sense to make your company successful. However, are you fully protecting your asset? Are your employees protected, as well as your customers, equipment, product, and vehicles? If not, you need commercial insurance to ensure that you don’t lose your business to any type of lawsuit that may come your way. Purchasing commercial insurance is easy. In fact, here are three tips that will help you get the best commercial insurance policy for the best price.

1. Compare Quotes

It’s always a good idea to compare more than one commercial insurance quote. No two quotes are the same. Go over the fine details to know exactly what coverage you’re getting for the price you want to pay. By comparing quotes, you’ll be able to find the best policy that will cover everything you need to protect your business.

2. Bundle Your Insurance Policies

You most likely have more than one insurance policy already. These could be auto insurance, home insurance, umbrella insurance, and even recreational vehicle insurance. When you bundle all your policies together under one insurance company you can expect to be rewarded with lower premiums. This will help you save money and use it to put back into your business.

3. Work with a Reputable Agent

Finally, working with a reputable agent to acquire commercial insurance in Suttons Bay, MI is a must. The team at Bonek Agency Inc. is experienced, friendly, and knows the ins and outs of commercial insurance for any kind of business operation. You can contact the team at Bonek Agency Inc. today to get all your questions answered and find the right commercial insurance policy for the right price. 

What You Need to Know Before Adding a Teen Driver to Your Insurance

Ushering a teen driver into your family can be nerve-racking. When our children hit their teen years, many things change. Their attitudes changes, their clothing might change, and our car insurance will change. Yes, unfortunately, there is no way to get around this fact of life. Teen drivers are more expensive to insure. Here are a few things to consider if you are preparing to add a teen driver to your car insurance.

Are They Ready?

The driving age should not be so much about age as it is about maturity. Some kids are ready later or earlier than others. If you feel that your child is not mature enough to handle driving, then there is no rush. Give them the time they need to mature. This is not a race. If your child is not ready to drive yet, you do not need to add them to your car insurance. In most states, it is not required to add a child until they have their driver’s permit. The friendly staff at Bonek Agency, Inc. serving Suttons Bay, MI, and surrounding areas can help you navigate this time and make the best insurance choices for your family.

Invest in Driver’s Ed

If your child’s school does not offer driver’s ed, then you, as the parent, should invest in this essential driving course for your child. Those who complete a driver’s ed course drive more safely, have fewer accidents, and, as a result, have more affordable car insurance in the long run. Make this investment in your child’s safety.

If you would like to learn more about how you can help your child make the transition to driving safely, please contact one of our friendly staff members today at Bonek Agency, Inc. serving Suttons Bay, MI, and surrounding areas.

Transporting Goods Overseas? Don’t Forget to Get Marine Insurance

Marine insurance is essential when you are shipping goods or cargo over the water. The agents at Bonek Agency, Inc. are proud to offer their expertise to the greater Suttons Bay, MI area. Our team can help you obtain the protection you need for your shipped goods, whether you are transporting them domestically or internationally. There are many different instances when marine insurance is essential, not just when you are shipping goods overseas. This type of insurance may be lesser known but it provides valuable coverage to those who work in or utilizes the shipping industry.

When is Marine Insurance Necessary?

If you are involved in the cargo or over-water shipping business you likely have marine insurance. However, it is also necessary for people who are shipping personal or commercial items via sea and require insurance protection. A marine insurance policy will provide coverage while your goods are at the terminal, both coming and going, and while they are in transit. 

Additionally, businesses that utilize ports can also benefit from a marine insurance policy for any work that they conduct at a terminal or other shipping locale. For instance, if you supply or lease shipping containers and have an office at a port, your marine insurance policy will cover your containers whether they are on a docked ship, in transit, or stored somewhere in the terminal. This coverage may also protect you from any loss to your office or administrative equipment. 

The main types of marine insurance policies include marine liability policies, coverage for your ship hull, and casualty insurance.

Want to learn more about the marine insurance options available to you in the greater Suttons Bay, MI area? Contact the team at Bonek Agency, Inc. today to schedule a consultation. We look forward to working with you!

Does Home Insurance Cover Floods?

Homeowners insurance policies don’t come as a one-size-fits-all. A standard home insurance policy will entail certain common coverages, but for added protection, you need a customized homeowner’s insurance plan that is tailored to suit your specific needs. Home insurance helps to pay for the costs of repair or replacement of your home and personal belongings in the event of a covered peril such as theft or fire. It may also cover liability claims if someone is accidentally injured while on your property or when you damage someone’s property. However, it’s critical to note that homeowner’s insurance doesn’t cover losses resulting from floods and you will need a separate policy for that. If you’re looking for affordable and effective home insurance coverage in Suttons Bay, MI, contact Bonek Agency, Inc. 

Homeowners Insurance Coverage Options

A standard homeowners insurance policy offers coverage for damages caused by windstorms, hail, fires, and lightning strikes. Damages caused by floods and earthquakes are, however, not covered. Here are the common home insurance coverage options:

Dwelling Protection

This coverage protects the structure of your home and other structures attached to it, for instance, garages, sheds, and decks.

Other Structures Protection

Some homeowner’s insurance policies will also provide protection for other structures within your property but not attached to your house, for instance, a detached garage, fence, or a tool shed.

Personal Property Protection

Home insurance not only provides protection to your home but to your personal belongings as well. Your electronics, clothing, furniture, and kitchen appliances are covered in the event of damage or loss by a covered peril or theft. You may require extended coverage for special things like jewelry, watches, and furs.

Liability Protection

When someone who does not live within your property is accidentally injured while in your home, liability protection will chip in to cover the legal expenses as well as the visitor’s medical bills.

Homeowners insurance will offer the above-discussed protections except for floods and earthquakes, meaning that if you need flood protection, you will need to purchase a separate flood insurance policy. Bonek Agency, Inc. provides home insurance coverage as well as flood insurance coverage policies that suit your individual needs in Suttons Bay, MI. Contact us today.



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