Boat/Watercraft Insurance in Michigan

Boat riding makes for an exhilarating experience especially if you reside close to waterways. Boat insurance insures your boat against perils such as theft, and accidents. Bonek Agency Inc. writes boat insurance in Suttons Bay, MI, and other Northern Michigan locales. Also, we afford our boat insurance solutions to an additional 10 states, which include Alabama, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, Minnesota, New Jersey, Ohio, Virginia, and Wisconsin.

What does boat/watercraft insurance cover?

Property coverage

The property coverage option ensures your boat both on land and water. If your boat is damaged or involved in an accident, this coverage option pays to repair or replace it. The coverage option also ensures your boat against theft.

Liability coverage

This coverage option comes in handy after a boating accident or a collision incident where your boat injures someone. If you are sued after the event, this coverage option meets your legal expenses.

Medical payment coverage

In case your boat is involved in an accident, and the passengers sustained injuries, this coverage option helps you pay for their medical bills, medications, X-rays and other medical expenses. The coverage option covers these expenses regardless of who was at fault at the time of the accident.

Uninsured watercraft coverage

When your boat collides with an underinsured boater, this coverage option will pay for any expenses if any occupant of your boat sustains injuries.

Additional coverage options

Depending on your insurance needs, we ensure special equipment, boat trailers, towing and accessories.

Bonek Agency Inc. is committed to affording Northern Michigan residents ideal boat insurance solutions. We work with industry trained agents who will help you select an ideal coverage depending on your boat insurance needs.

Let’s have your boat/watercraft insured today. Get in touch with us and speak to one of our agents about the ideal coverage options for your boat. You can also obtain a free estimate of your selected coverage options on our website.

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