Marine Insurance in Michigan

Did you know that losing your cargo while on transit at sea is a very painful experience? How do you avoid such huge risks? You need to insure your boats, ship and even more importantly, the cargo in the vessels. Accidents are inevitable, but the loss is avoidable. Don’t risk your resources by transporting your cargo without an insurance. Choose an insurance that understands you and cares about you. An insurance partner who will always be there for you in the time of need. Bonek Agency Inc. is that friend. We will be there for you always to protect your vessel and your cargo. Our coverage options ensure no one is left.

We offer insurance covers for both personal and commercial vessels. Identifying whether your boat or vessel will help us know what insurance policy you require. Boats and yachts also require different marine insurance cover policies. Don’t you worry about that because we’ve got you? our policies ensure you get the best cover for your boat or yacht. Our boat liability insurance cover policy will cover the third party. This cover, however, depends on the situation. Our insurance policy considers your own health. That’s why you have an option incorporated a health insurance in your insurance coverage. This includes injuries you or anyone in your watercraft sustains while at sea. Bonek Agency Inc. always aims at making your marine adventures memorable and enjoyable as possible.

You are always welcome to visit and learn more about marine insurance covers from any of our esteemed licensed agents. The Bonek Agency Inc. main offices are located in Suttons Bay MI, Michigan. We primarily serve Northern Michigan and neighboring towns such as Alabama, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, ken turkey, Maryland, Minnesota, New Jersey, Ohio, Virginia, and Wisconsin. Our licensed agents write policies for all the above-mentioned states. We are always ready to serve you and they’ll listen to your issues keenly and make them their problem.

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